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Ripe Tomatoes

Our Story

Tableside scratch salsa 

For more than 30 years my family has been creating salsa. My brothers and I started with a family recipe from our mother. And from that foundation we each created our own version.


I have made salsa for hundreds of events, parties, family & friends’ gatherings.


I have sent my recipe to dozens of people who have took a shot at making it themselves.

Many have tried and failed.


Instead of jarring my salsa recipe, I capture the fresh and distinct tastes of ALL the ingredients.

These allow the consumer to experience Tableside Homemade Salsa from Scratch

Chopping Coriander
Spring Onions

4 Salsa Temperatures Available

Mild- No Peppers

Medium- Jalapeño

Hot - Serrano

Very Hot - Habanero

Red Chili Pods

“The Best Salsa I've ever had"

"The combination of flavors that the Salsa King has put together are out of this world”

Testimonials from our markets. 

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